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I read a recent report that states that there were something like 6.5 billion obese people living in the world back in 2006.Alternatively, drink one or two glasses of plain water before each meal.

Nutrisystem Discounts. Receive your free pack of Vanilla TurboShake when you add this Nutrisystem coupon code to any order of diet.After crunching the numbers I realized that with the cost of the diet and adding in fresh grocery items I will be spending less on food than I was before.It works for most people and I think its worth trying even for a month if your already leaning toward trying it.It adds just enough flavor to make it interesting to drink if you have trouble with plain water.I found that when I spaced my meals out properly I tend to lose weight.

I did this while on NS four months ago and kept it up for two months while shedding a totally amazing 31 pounds.If you start worrying that you will put the weight back on again, then you are much more likely to do exactly that.

I have over 100 pounds to loose and started NS out of desperation.I ordered Nutrisystem on Friday and I am going to receive it tomorrow.I know more will come off with the help of Nutrisystem and work out group.There is a follow up to this post that you can read at: Lose Weight with Nutrisystem that focuses more on the special offers being promoted by the company.Also the eating out booklet (they provide you) is awesome and very helpful.

Being pretty overweight and over 60, I decided to try Nutrisystem silver plan starting in May.The only thing that sometimes bothered me was that I always cook healthy meals for my family and that meant they were eating better than me with a lot of the meals.When people say SMALLER PORTION SIZE I am curious what they mean.I know of many people who had mobility issues try swimming and found it very theraputic and beneficial.

May try Jenny Craig again — more expensive but I have had success with that a long time ago. long before I turned 60.Sorry to go on a bit, but I think some things needed to be said.Hey BusyBee, usually if poor eating put the weight on, then right eating will take it off again.

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You might also want to read some of my articles on this website about soda, sugar and sugar substitutes, white bread and pasta.I want to get off diet thermogenic pills and learn how to eat normally.The company regularly runs special offers and discounts that are available to anyone regardless of any old codes or coupons you may find published on out of date websites.I also have your site to thank for pushing me towards Nutrisystem.Do you truly believe with your heart and soul that you can lose weight at a faster rate.

Maybe some of the readers can write in with their experiences etc.I have been on the plan for a month already.I so a 10 days on and 4 days more flexible.Health experts tend to agree that a safe weekly weight loss figure that people should aim for is around 1-2 pounds, which is more typical.Hey Jen, I saw you reach out for some advice and I may have some for you, at least with regards to working shifts.This review does explain that its not fresh food and that it is processed, pre-packaged and pretty much what you will be getting.I was considering trying NS, but I am concerned because the food is processed and I am fluid retentive.I have tried to diet on my own before and starved myself all day and ate one meal a day and I never lost weight.You could lose weight on this diet, because you cannot eat the darn food. Yech. Awful. I do NOT recommend.

The NS dietician shared some tips with me to help with the hunger issues between meals and snacks.Your right, they DO help and are very good once you get on top of them.Hi Regina, you snacked on potato chips and you still lost 6lbs.Funny how most folks are okay with the food and some others wanna complain it tastes bad.If your previous diet was lacking in certain foods, the body will need to adjust to the new types of food.There is a couple meals that I had to add some seasoning but for the most part no complaints.The sales pitch on another website that hooked me in seemed to promise that I would lose so much more and I guess I fell for it.

So I imagine the food stayed pretty hot the whole time (it is June).That is a power food and super good for you and you can eat it on this diet.Which is why I believe in fairness and will publish comments whether positive or negative.I admit that when I opened the box and saw a bunch of foil packages, freeze dried pasta in tubs and all sorts of odd looking stuff, I was on the brink of sending it back and asking where the real food was.

Also, drink lots of plain water throughout the day, especially have a glass before each meal.The thing to realize here is that if you are used to meals of a certain size, it could be part of the reason you have gotten overweight in the first place.Also,my husband is doing WW but he is really supportive of me and thinks NS is a better option for me.

I used Nutrisystem in January of 2008 when I was weighing 270lbs.Also, I started Nutrisystem yesterday, and found that I was way to full to eat all of the requirements.I got an email about my next auto-delivery from Nutri System.The only plus to this diet is the convience of being able to eat in a matter of seconds without preparing food.Not so much because of the food, which was decent enough for diet food.Earlier this year, I decided to give Nutrisystem a shot cause I was 40 pounds overweight and I also suffered with arthritis.We (as a community), appreciate it and the chance to comment and tell our own version of our NS stories.I never felt hungry inbetween meals and some days I even forgot to eat the snacks, so towards the end of the diet I had some spares.

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I learned a lot from that diet too, that I was eating too much bread and pasta and stuff that slows you down and makes you feel tired.Eating less can actually slow your metabolism down and that can halt the weight loss.The recommendation is around 8 glasses or two pints spread out throughout the day.First day of NS, oatmeal was good with orange in the morning, turkey dog on wheat bun, a little mushy but good taste, with an apple, mint fudge bar snack was great with 1 cup skim milk, meatloaf and mash for dinner was pretty good had with salad, and will have a NS cookie later with another cup of skim milk.I posted a link in the review to the NS FAQ that explains this.Do you work for NS and can you help us should we have trouble with our cancellation.That poor person who wrote in and said that must have been expecting gourmet food and was probably just exaggerating about the taste for effect.I do have to say that the taste of some of the meals is left to be desired, but its a small price to pay.