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However, there are some who say they end up eating more when trying to fit the six meals into the day, and henceforth have put on weight.Check out our diet reviews below to learn more about each notorious plan and the results you can expect from attempting to following one.What the Research Shows. such as lower levels of "bad cholesterol" and higher levels of "good cholesterol," the...Starting with 10 days of nothing but fruit in a carefully staged plan, the 42-day regimen is highly restrictive.

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Find out why these popular diets might be a disaster for you. Menu. Popular Diets That Could Be Bad for You.

Seven days worth to be precise if you intend to follow this fad diet.A new study debunks the health benefits of several fad diets. if your diet is bad for your.

You will be missing out on important proteins, calcium, and essential fatty acids.

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And as mentioned before in the article about the most popular fad diets, the serious lack of a variety of nutrients can have a detrimental effect to your health rather than a positive one.Unlike the quick-fix diet, this one actually required the long haul of 6 weeks to complete.There is also the danger that you will end up losing lean muscle mass, rather than fat, as the body starts burning this first when faced with a serious lack of calories to work on.

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You swallow the tapeworm (which can be quite long), and wait for it to wander through to your digestive system where it stays to have some free lunch, at your expense.

Definition of fad.: a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal: craze.MPH, a nutritionist and author of the forthcoming The One One One Diet.Learn about 3 of the most popular diet and cleanse fads and what you should do instead. (Hint: the Cookie Diet is a no.).It is not surprising that many people wonder why fad diets are bad when they seem to get results.Eating Disorder Hope. lists of good foods versus bad foods.Some diets are fad or crash diets that rarely lead to long term weight loss.

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It is the sheer monotony of such diets, and the seesaw weight effect that leads to many dieters to give up all together.Fad diets, as their name implies, are short-term quick fixes that actually set many dieters up for weight-loss failure.Fad diets refer to a weight loss plan that is very common for a short period of time.I dare say this is a diet fit for those who enjoy the frolics of Johnny Knox and the Jackass TV crew.In essence, Cruise has come up with the idea that eating six meals a day (instead of the customary three), and cutting down on portion size increases the metabolic rate, and hence leads to faster calorie-burn.The Lemonade Diet has also been promoted as the Master Cleanse detox diet by those extolling its cleansing properties in the fight against bodily toxins that can cause weight gain.A handful of this, a cupful of that, a slice of toast, half a banana, a bit of cheese, a lonely boiled egg.

Fad diet types and bizarre fad diets in history at fad diet, is a diet that is popular, fashionable, of the time, and is all about losing weight fast.The Hopeless List of Fad Diets. This Sacred Heart Diet is actually not bad from a nutritional point of view,.The 5:2 to the Paleo, the Bulletproof and the Virgin and more claim they will make you thin, healthy and happy.

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They willingly try the latest diet appearing in popular magazines, discussed on talk shows, and displayed on the.Popular Science may receive financial compensation for products.

The main idea behind this diet then is that some foods take more calories to burn then they actually possess themselves.The main principle is that breakfast should be taken within one hour of rising, and then every subsequent meal be taken every three hours with the last meal being consumed three hours before going to bed.

The main underlying concept of The Beverly Hills Diet is in fact based on the main principles of Food Combining (Hay System) in that it is combinations of foods that cause weight gain, and that it is the clash of proteins, and carbohydrates when eaten at the same time that causes digestive problems, and leads to build-up of undigested toxins that then remain in the body as fat.Even though their claims are unrealistic, unhealthy and pretty much hopeless, fad diets are still fascinating and entertaining to learn about.

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We tell you which ones to avoid and why before you waste your time and money.

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A fad diet is a diet that promises quick weight loss through what is usually an unhealthy and unbalanced diet.

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The irony is, the conventional 7-day grapefruit diet plan will result in weight loss whether it has grapefruit in it or not.

And of course that naturally makes it a potentially dangerous diet.To the lazy dieter bent on the quick fix the HCG must appear like a Godsend.

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The stick of celery uses that many calories because the celery is stringy, and requires a lot of energy to eat it, and digest it.This fad diet is much like the Cabbage Soup diet as it relies on soup as its main component at meal times, with a combination of other foods to supplement it.Fad diets come and go, but the idea of dieting itself has been around for centuries.