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As the face of Weight Watchers,. who might not be able to separate the product spokesperson from.This morning Weight Watchers announced their new national spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson.

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Commercial Weight-loss Programs That Do Not Use Meal Replacements.Few Commercial Weight-Loss Programs Show Reliable Evidence of Effectiveness, Johns Hopkins Reports.Because the majority of weight-loss programs have never been studied in randomized clinical trials, the researchers say, they ended up with 39 trials covering 11 programs.But the authors found only one long-term study, which showed no benefit from such a program at 12 months.

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Oprah Winfrey is just the latest celebrity to team up with Weight Watchers.Marketing Strategy - Weight Watchers is clearly the dominant company among weight-loss centers and programs.Although it dominated for decades, it recently faced challenges from.

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Actress Jennifer Hudson, a company spokesperson, addresses a 2011 gathering in Washington, D.C., to launch the Weight Watchers Lose for Good campaign.Participants in the very-low-calorie meal replacement programs lost more weight than nonparticipants in trials lasting from four to six months.

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And since they found few studies that ran 12 months or longer, it was often unclear how many participants sustained their weight loss over the long term.

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What happened to that Weight Watchers. weight back and they dropped her as a spokesperson. tablets while on weight watchers,.A video accompanies this story and is available for download.To aid their search for reliable evidence, they focused their review on studies that ran for 12 weeks or longer, and on randomized controlled trials, which assigned participants either to a commercial program or a less intensive option offering educational handouts, counseling sessions or no assistance, depending on the study design.

Programs based on the Atkins diet — high in fat, low in carbohydrates — also helped people lose more weight at six months and 12 months than counseling alone.These Beat Other Commercial Diet Plans: Study. However,. only Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig had gone through studies showing that people not only lost.Two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese, and nearly two-thirds of adults say they have tried to lose weight.

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The Weight Watchers spokesperson has launched her very first food line based entirely on the premise that comfort food can be healthy,.

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How Weight Watchers Got So. lbs. to 137 lbs. and once told TIME.Babies Jessica Simpson to Remain as Weight Watchers Spokesperson, Stop Dieting Due to Pregnancy The company rep says Simpson will resume her diet plan after the birth.A handful of programs may help some dieters, but a new review of thousands of studies finds sparse evidence for long-term benefits.